Summer SALE (5) Water Lettuce Jumbo 5-7” Koi Pond Floating Plants Algae Shade

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Water Hyacinth, Scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solm, This floating water plant while invasive and not to be released in the natural environment, is the best friend of small pond owners who's water quality lacks from adequate filtration. Each plant carries its own inflated leaves as ballast and the root are left to free float below the plant. These roots not only take up nutrient but provide surface area for biofiltration and add to the diversity of small aquatic animals that eat other helpful nuisances such as algae and excess bacteria. These plants are capable of rapid growth but are easily managed in a small pond or fountain by simply tossing the excess. They make good breeding mats for Koi eggs (if your Koi leave them alone that is - see picture) and they can be place in the pond when the fish begin spawning and some eggs will cling to them allow you to easily remove the plants and have the babies hatch elsewhere. Because they are minimally frost tolerant, many places in the US (except the southern states) simply treat them as an annual and replace them every year. The generally bloom summer and early fall.

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